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Cobra Kai Dojo has a long history of great instructors, great students, and a record 21 first-place wins at the All-Valley Tournament. Many former students return to the Cobra Kai to pass on their skills and knowledge.

Sensei Johnny Lawrence

After a streak of winning the All-Valley Tournament in the 1980's, Sensei Lawrence returned to the Cobra Kai Dojo in 1997 to help regain the dojo's reputation and inspire a new generation of students. Lawrence's skill in Karate and Tang Soo Do afford him a multi-disciplined approach to the martial arts. Cobra Kai Dojo is proud to have one of its most reknown students lead the school into the future.

Sensei Dutch

After re-establishing the Cobra Kai Dojo, Sensei Lawrence hand-picked Dutch to help him rebuild the dojo. Dutch's experience not only in Karate but also accounting and business-sense has enabled the Cobra Kai to use its resources more wisely.